My Life was Forever Blessed Eighteen Years Ago

November 24, 2013

It is hard to believe that it was eighteen years ago today that I was blessed with my wonderful baby boy.  Where does the time go?  At times it seems like it was only yesterday that my son was born.  Although the journey has been challenging, it is all worth it to have my son in my life.

I embraced my role as a mother so it was completely unexpected when postpartum psychosis came upon me like a tornado when my son was eight weeks old.  Although postpartum psychosis robbed me of precious time with my baby boy, I can cherish the joyful time I had with my baby during the first six weeks of his life.

Yes, I experienced postpartum psychosis and its aftermath but I am able to say that it no longer defines who I am.  It took years to get to the point that I am today.  As I look back, there were times it seemed impossible that I would overcome the challenges I faced.  But I did.  I can honestly say that I would go through it all again in order to have my son in my life.  Also, I can say that it is because of all that I went through that I now strive to share with others that it is possible to turn challenges into blessings.

The fall season is my favorite time of year.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I am grateful that I am able to celebrate my son’s birthday during a time that the focus is on giving thanks for the blessings in life.