So Excited to be Going to the International Marce Society Conference in Wales

September 7, 2014

I am honored to be able to attend The International Marce Society Conference in Wales this September.  The Marce Society for Perinatal Mental Health is dedicated to supporting research and assistance surrounding prenatal & postpartum mental health for mothers, fathers and their babies.  I am honored to be a member.

This will be my first time attending one of their biennial conferences.  It is an amazing opportunity and a privilege that I will be able to attend.  I am excited about seeing familiar faces.  I am excited about meeting many individuals, who dedicate their efforts to mental health related to childbearing.  I am also excited that the presentation proposal I submitted was accepted as a poster presentation.  I must admit is was a challenge converting an oral presentation into a poster presentation but with some assistance it has been accomplished.  My poster is scheduled to be on display on September 11th.

Although since 2001 September 11th is a solemn day, it always has been and still is a special day of celebration for me because it is my father’s birthday.  This year my World War II pilot dad would be 91 years old.  Although he passed away nearly 6 years ago, he was supportive of my advocacy efforts and would be pleased that they are continuing at an even greater level today.  So as I attend the conference this year, it will be a time of honor and celebration of where I am in my journey as well as a special time of remembrance of my dad.

I look forward to my experience and being able to write about amazing things upon my return.  Stay tuned…