Stigma is Real and is Making a Difference

March 2, 2015

Congratulations to! The website is celebrating its one year anniversary.  Walker Karraa, PhD began the site because she believes in the power of women, especially those who have been touched by mental illness or mental difference, to create change.

According to Walker, “We are different. We see what others don’t, write what others won’t, and give beauty to the deepest experiences of motherhood and the human soul.”

STIGMAMA was created for mothers of all ages to speak their truths in a non judgmental, supportive, creative community. Walker wants women to share wisdom and support each other in unpacking stigma of mental difference in motherhood.

I commend Dr. Karraa and the awesome contributors for their efforts in stamping out stigma.  Stigma is real and we all can do our part to help eliminate it.


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