Honored to Have Presented at the 2015 CAPPA Conference

It was an honor and privilege to have presented at the 2015 CAPPA conference that was held July 10th through the 12th in Tucson, Arizona.  The location was beautiful.  When I became certified as a postpartum doula in the early 2000's, it was through CAPPA that I became certified.  It is wonderful to see how much the organization has grown and developed.  Although I no longer practice as a postpartum doula, I still feel very much a part of CAPPA.  I got to see some of the amazing professionals that I knew all those years ago and got to meet even more amazing professionals at the conference.  The atmosphere was warm and inviting.  It felt like a family reunion.

I was humbled by the response I received after my presentation.  It is always encouraging to hear how sharing my story impacts others in a positive and motivating way.  The reason I do what I do is to help increase awareness and prevention in the area of mental health related to childbearing, particularly in the area of postpartum psychosis .  My mission is to bring hope and inspiration to others so I am extremely thankful when I hear from others that my presentation did exactly that for them.  Thank you, CAPPA, for the wonderful experience and I plan to see everyone again in 2016.