Still Waiting on Google Tech Support

Unfortunately, I am still waiting for a human to contact me regarding my google paid webmail account security issues.  I have been working on since end of January.  Latest update is that on March 19th my support ticket has been noted that I need to speak directly to a support technician.  I am told California does not make any telephone calls so Canada/North America technician request is pending.  I have heard nothing since so still waiting.

Thankfully, this is occurring at a time that I am addressing some medical challenges so my online access is limited anyway.  I appreciate in advance your patience.   Not sure when Google will respond but I am patiently waiting.   As soon as able, most likely the end of April or beginning of May, I will have situation resolved.

Hope everyone has a blessed spring season.




How Do You Find a Human at Google?

Business lady biting Laptop by Ambro

Business lady biting Laptop by Ambro

Lots has been happening in my world since my last blog the beginning of January.  Most of it not good.  The worst is grieving a dear friend of mine.  It has just been a little over a month since her passing.  We all need to take time to grieve and focus on the priorities of life during a mourning period.

Another unexpected and frustrating situation has been the hacking of my email and other internet issues.  We have become so dependent on technology that when life throws us a curve ball, we need to be prepared.  Thankfully, my college degree is in marketing BEFORE the internet was even more than a concept (not showing my age:) 

Apparently, even as a paid customer, finding help at Google is a challenge.  It took me more than 10 days to find a way to get to a human without having access to the internet.  THEN I was taken to support all over the globe even though the headquarters is in California.  I finally got a person to call me back after spending almost an entire day on the telephone.  BUT I am waiting for my patience to build back up before calling them back.

So please be patient with me and if any strange emails from me have come into your inbox, please let me know.  I will hopefully have the situation all resolved before the beginning of next month so can blog about something related to my mission.