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 Advocate. Author. Speaker.Trainer.

Jennifer’s mission is to bring hope and inspiration to those facing health challenges.  

She overcame postpartum psychosis and is the author of A Mother's Climb out of Darkness. She advocates for health and wellness striving to bring awareness in area of postpartum psychosis as well as other health challenges.


Jennifer had a guest appearance on the Motherhood program hosted by Dr. Christina Hibbert on

Listen Now!  Motherhood – Mom Mental Health Crisis! How to Cope, Heal, & (Eventually) Use it for Good


Watch Jennifer on Happy With Baby:  Momma Interview "Expert Edition"


Watch Jennifer share her story during a senate meeting held on November 4, 2015.

(Jennifer begins her story at time code 70:25)

A powerful, poignant, and often painful memoir. Her journey through postpartum psychosis and beyond is an important and historic addition to the mental health literature. Jennifer has documented her struggles with honesty, insight and love.
— Jane Honikman, M.S., Founder, Postpartum Support International

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Enter into Jennifer's life, and see how her determination to become whole, coupled with her strong faith, played an incredible role in her recovery which continues to inspire her still to this day.

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