What an important and relevant document this is! The first step to medical and/or legal assistance for those who suffer from postpartum issues is to get the message out. Jennifer Moyer does just that!
— George J. Parnham, Attorney to Andrea Yates
After reading this book, share it with someone else so more people can learn about postpartum psychosis.
— Karen
It offers sufferers a much needed lifeline and potential roadmap to help lead them to eventual recovery.
— Amiesbookreviews

In this heartrending memoir told through memories, journals and medical records, Jennifer shares her incredible journey into and out of postpartum psychosis. Often misunderstood and misdiagnosed this disease impacted not just Jennifer herself, but her beloved family as well.

Following the birth of her son, she began a downward spiral of sleepless nights, gripping fear that someone would harm her or her baby, and irrational distrust of everyone including her husband. The delusion became real to her and at that point she became so impaired that she could not even recognize her doctor, who dialed 911.

A call by her doctor began a medical journey which would forever change Jennifer. Through many hospitalizations and attempted medical interventions, she would eventually stumble upon a doctor who would become the catalyst to turn her medical crisis towards positive mental health.

Enter into Jennifer's life and see how her determination to become whole, coupled with her strong faith, played an incredible role in her recovery which continues to inspire her still to this day. Jennifer’s deepest heart-cry is to get the message out: there is help, there is hope and you are not alone.

A Mother's Climb Out of Darkness: A Review by NAMI