Jennifer is the author of, A Mother’s Climb Out of Darkness: A Story About Overcoming Postpartum Psychosis. For more than 15 years she's been a visible and vocal spokeswoman for education and outreach related to postpartum psychosis. She advocates, writes and speaks on health issues striving to increase awareness, education and support especially in the area of mental health related to childbearing.

Jennifer is a trainer for wellness recovery action planning as well as leadership and advocacy. She has past experience as a postpartum support and education consultant, a postpartum doula and a volunteer coordinator for Postpartum Support International

In addition to her book, A Mother's Climb out of Darkness, Jennifer has been published in Glamour Magazine. She has had guest appearance on CNN. She has been interviewed over the years including for a story published in Psychology Today. Jennifer is a member of the National Perinatal AssociationNAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professionals Association) and Postpartum Support International.