When Time (or lack of time) Gets in the Way

March 14, 2013

I know it has been a few weeks since I last posted but my life has been hectic.  It is a good hectic but sometimes when I get so busy, I can not even think about writing.  Do any of you fellow bloggers/writers have the same experience?  When life gets so busy and your “to do list” grows, it is hard to get everything done.  It is during the busy times, that I find setting priorities becomes ever so important.  Writing is one of those priorities for me but it moves down on the list when the opportunity to spend time with family and friends surfaces, especially when the ability to spend time with them is limited.

Once I get back in my normal routine, my regular writing will resume and move up on the “to do list.” In the meantime, I thank you for your patience.  My goal is to post a blog once a week.  I normally am consistent but the past few weeks, I have not been.  I apologize to my followers and readers.  My health is good but my time schedule has not been good.  By the end of March, I hope to be back on track with my writing and blogs.

After all, when you live in a beautiful place, like I do (see photo above), it is hard not to stay positive.  I am certain that as the spring season approaches, time will soon allow for my creative side to resurface.