The Cast is Off!


The cast on my ankle came off this week.  After 10 weeks of physical limitations and no driving, I am grateful to have it off.  Being in the situation that I was, I have a better understanding of how hard it is when you are physically limited.  I can now empathize better and recognize the importance of getting practical support.  I am very appreciative of my family and friends that were able to assist me.  Now with the cast off, the work on rehabilitating my ankle has just begun. 

One thing my recent experience has revealed to me is that having a visible challenge seems more accepted than having an invisible challenge.  The level of outreach and support I received was much greater for my visible disability than for my invisible disability.  Regardless of this, I have learned to always have an attitude of hope and gratitude.  The more that individuals speak out about life challenges, the better understanding there will be.  So I continue to speak out and share my experiences.  I hope you will too.