Happy 2018! The Year is Starting Wonderfully

Crescent Beach.jpg

I am excited for what 2018 is going to bring.  It has already started well with a nice unexpected trip.  Thanks to my wonderful husband.  I have gotten to see beautiful Crescent Beach on Northern Coast of California and hug a Redwood Tree.  Spending time marveling over the wonder of nature is highly recommended.  In my situation it was much needed after such a difficult year in 2017. 

Moving forward in 2018, I will continue to promote my book, A Mother's Climb out of Darkness.  I was told by a college professor that every clinician, working in area of mental health should read my book.  That may be an unachievable goal but my hope is that many will have the opportunity.  Even though my book was originally released in June 2014, it is still an important book addressing an often misunderstood area of mental health.  Unfortunately, I lost the beginning half of 2017 dealing with perimenopause, the tragic death of a close friend, and an adverse reaction to medication change.  Although grief is a process that is different for everyone, I am now in a place of well-being that I have worked hard to achieve.


Yes, I know not many will have opportunity to hug an enormous tree but wherever you are, I encourage you to take the time in 2018 to marvel over the beauty of nature.