Honored to Now Be a WRAP® Facilitator

Me and the 2 wonderful instructors

Me and the 2 wonderful instructors

I first learned about WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) at a peer conference back in 2012.  Several years prior to then my world was falling apart.  I was close to being homeless and my family was falling apart but during that time, I never gave up hope.  By holding on to hope, I knew things would get better and there was always something to be thankful for along the road back to wellness and recovery. 

When I reflect back on those dark and difficult days in my journey, I am grateful.  I know it is possible to make a difference and make changes that empower not only myself but others.  As I learned and changed, others around me changed as well.  I educated myself on wellness and recovery long before I knew what WRAP® was but once I learned about WRAP®, it helped to formalize the concept.  With WRAP®, I could now make it concrete and practical. 

Having a WRAP® does not prevent challenges from happening but it can help change the outcome.  I know first hand.  I had a crisis when traveling and thankfully, one of my supporters was able to contact one of my providers. who had a copy of the plan.  The provider was able to fax the plan to the hospital so it was on record.  The plan helped with the hospital experience as well as helped me come out of the crisis more quickly and successfully.  I have found when a crisis happens it is a time to learn and grow.  I adjust my WRAP® as needed. 

As a mother, I often have put my needs below others but through WRAP®, I have specifically identified wellness tools that help me to take care of myself so I am able to help others.  One thing I have learned is that I can't be on my journey alone.  Over the years, I have needed support from family, friends and others.  Sometimes the support has been helpful and sometimes it has been detrimental.  It is important to be able to put in writing what I need and don't need from my supporters.  The WRAP® has enabled me to do that as well as better equip me to manage my life challenges.  Where ever you are on your own journey, know that there is help, there is hope and you can achieve wellness and recovery.  To learn more about WRAP®, visit http://mentalhealthrecovery.com/

I am so honored to now be a group facilitator. If you would like to bring a WRAP® group to your area, please contact me.