How Yoga Helps Me

"yoga"by sippakorn

"yoga"by sippakorn

I was introduced to the practice of yoga in April.  I discovered first-hand that yoga not only helps exercise the body but it helps clear the mind too. 

In recent months I have had unexpected stress and yoga helped me stay focused on the present.  I found the physical movement of yoga helps clear the mind.  When I do yoga, my mind is concentrating on the movement of my body so it enables me to not think about anything else. 

Although I am a novice when it comes to yoga, the benefits are already felt.  Thankfully I have the opportunity to participate in a yoga class twice a week.  I can do more often with a DVD that I have.  My goal is to practice yoga weekly so I can continue to maintain a lower stress level.  I highly recommend the practice of yoga for anyone who is in need of stress relief.

A good resource to help you pick a yoga mat: